Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ratz are complete!

Well over the last two weeks I have been picking at the last 4 Ratz for my warband. Well they are now done!!!!! This is now my first completely painted SBH warband. Now I still have 3 more to paint.
I started this warband years ago for Mordhiem, but could not get me head around the color scheme for Ratz. I took the plunge and just started painting my 10 year old Ratz. I think they came out great using the block, and dip method, and that may have been my problem painting them. See I have been out of 28mm painting for so many years, and did not go back to my old ways. So getting this warband done has helped me start my next warband, the Hunters of Evil.

So here is the hole warband, in an old Modrhiem building, not the best lighting on the photos.
I started this based on a Mordhiem skaven warband, and they were mostly slingers, and the minis I had for the slings were very old GW skaven. So with SBH, the slings did not satat out that well, so I am going with throwers (daggers, stars, and the like). I have one sling thrower, and 3 dagger throwers. That mixed with the brawlers, and my leader I think this is a great warband.

I have put this warband to the test VS my Hunters, and they kicked but.......


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