Monday, June 13, 2011

Praetorian Trikes.

This weekend I set out to paint up more of my Proxie Tanks, and ended up finding 5 trikes a good friend gave me. Now that I found them what do I do with them? I wanted to pick up some of the Art Crime bikes, for my army but after holding these for a few moments I felt I can use these. The models are from Laserburn and are the bad guys. I am not overly happy with the models but they are free. First they are dated, next the sculpt is not very good, then there is the casting. Over all the quality is sub par. I painted them in the Praetorian Red & Blue colors, and this makes them look blah. If I was to use a darker color on them they might just look great for the quality. Also I have been going back and forth over how my 15s look compared to my 28, and I am over doing the paint jobs. So I am now looking at using a dip to bring out the detail. I have been using ink, and this ends up making the minis to dark, but with out the ink they look like bright blobs.

So looking at the photos they will work in my army, but I will be picking up some dip to complete my army. I only took a photo of three of them as the last two needed some touch ups.

The middle has a different model on the rear, and I am going to use him as the lead bike. He will be like a Brother, or chaplain, leading on the trikes to clean up the universe.

Side view of the lead trike.

Top view of the trikes.

Also I took the time to visit my local game store Mighty Titans that is 1.5 miles from my house, and I have not been there before. The store opened less than a year ago and I could not make it. When I did get there my kids did not give me the time to full look around. Daddy I have to go potty, me to Dad. Daddy I want Pokey mon cards.
Bla Bla Bla.

Any way the store was cool.

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