Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More minis coming!!!

Well today I stopped over at The Scene to see if they have released any of there MJ stuff. I know they were reworking them but have not seen any thing in a long time from them. Well while there I looked at there Heave Weapons, and decided on getting some for the Guard I am working on. So what did I get you ask? I picked up 6 of there Mortars, and 8 of there Heavy Machine guns. Also I picked up 2 of there  US special forces units. I am thinking of them as last chance'ers if you know what I mean. I will most likely use them as Boer's. These units are native to cretin worlds that the Praetorian guard have been deployed on, and they decided to tag along with the Praetorian's after they left. So they will make for a great gorilla strike units, Light, Fast, and heavily armed units to support the Praetorian units.

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