Monday, June 20, 2011

Sniper units painted.

I took some time this weekend to paint up some more minis I have gotten from 15mm uk. The ones I got remind me very much of the Warzone Trenchers of old. I picked up 10 of them not knowing what to use them for, but I have found a use for them. These will be used as Snipers, or sharp shooters in my Praetorian army. I have 10 and will split them in to two squads of 5 each. I have also changed my inks to formula P brand. The dip did not come to be as the local store only had the darkest tint. So not being able to test the dip, and still wanting to keep painting I just used the new ink on a 1:1 mix. The mix one drop of black ink to one drop of water. I was very happy with the results. Also I painted the miniatures in the fast method used for dipping, and by that I mean I use simple coats with no shading, or dry brushing. Now I have not finished the bases, and I will do a final dry brush over the minis to give the a bit of lighting, and dirty effect.

Now here are the photos. The last is not in good focus but you can see how the ink flowed into the bags, and kit on there backs.

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