Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back to painting

I have not painted in a while, and hit my bench yesterday. I have some GW plastic beastmen I have for SBH warband, and wanted to see how I do with 28mm stuff. I have not done a 28mm guy completely in a very long time, and I thought what the heck let me just see what happens. My first thought was just  paint the figure to be playable, and that will be good for me.

So I painted up a guy and I feel he is very good, and a great restart to me painting 28s again. Some of my challenges are I do use paint for miniatures, and my brushes are all for my 15mm guys. So I started out with a guy, took a photo with my trusty new Blackberry Bold (90% of all my miniature photos were taken with a Blackberry phone) and it sucked!!!!!! I spent a half hour trying to figure out my camera on the phone with no luck. So skip the progress photos. I got a good start, then off to my Son's first confession at church. Few hours later I was back at the bench, and I broke out my old canon camera, and her is the first shot.
Then I kept at the painting till it wad finished.

My next challenge was I just upgraded my laptop, and did not have all the software loaded on it. I have a Dell Lat D630 running PinGuy OS 12.10 beta (Linux). So I installed an old version of Picasa, and got the photos edited and uploaded.

Now I am off to son's first wrestling  match.


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