Saturday, January 26, 2013

Solo AAR.

Well the boy and I made it to 5 Guys, and all I can say is YUM! The we spent an hour and a half playing Skylander Giants. The boy went off to bed, and the game started. It has been a long time for me with out pushing lead, so I was very slow at getting the game going. All of the markers were not cut out so I had to do that as I needed them. I also had to review a few rules that did not make sense to me.

Note Spelling and gramor suck as I only had 4 hours of sleep and do not CARE...

The armies
The Corp army click for unit cards.
3 inf squdes, 1 power armor squad, 2 APC, 1 AFV, 1 Walker.
Objective get 50% of the army into the Orc deployment zone.
The Orc army click for unit cards.
Boss (hero) with 2 megarmored, 3 squads of boys, 5 bikes, 3 dreads.
Objective kill all the humes (do not let them in their DZ)

Ok I was not able to get great photos but here is what I did get.

You can see I did not have much terrain in the photos above. The Orcs setup a wall to block their DZ. The Corp were set up to punch through the Orcs.
Turn One
The Orcs won In roll, and moved the Boss EL 4 to the rocks in the middle. Next EL 4 was the hole Corps army, and they all moved forward. The AFV went to the center, with the APC going to the flank, and the P-inf and walker taking the other flank. EL 3- Bikes and dreads move up. EL 2- right side boys move up, and the center boys hunker down.

Turn 2
The Orc win In roll, and the Boss hunkers down. EL 4-Corps, The right side moves up, and the center and left hold for fire. The Veh groups fail to do any damage, but the right side ends up with one Dread Struck, and one Winged. The Orcs move up, and put a hurt on the Corps walker by taking it out. The boys on the right also Strike the far right APC.

Turn 3
In this turn the bullets really start flying. In roll goes to the Corps this time. I also did not take many photos form this point on. Corps P-inf continues to punch the Dreads taking two out. AFV puts a Struck marker on a bike. The Right Inf squad move to the middle to work on the bikes, the the APC push to get shots, deploy their troops, and ending with a Winged, a Stuck, and a kill on the boys. The Orcs Move forward. The Bikes put a P-Inf out, but with auto repair he is back to Struck. The right flank puts a hurt on the other APC. At this point in the game the Orc have taken more damage, so I am not thinking they will make it to victory.

Turn 4
Here is when the Boss takes action, and jumps the first APC, and kills it. The Corps center Inf throw the grenades at the bike taking out 2, and hurting another. The P-Inf turn and also punch the bike finishing them off. From thins point one it was a blow for blow.

Turn 5
This turn really saw the hand to hand. The Corps P-Inf took on the boy, and killed them all. The P-Inf all used their auto repair, but ended up at only two left. The Boss and his to MAs moved over to the Corps Inf, and took them all out, with only one loss.

Trun 6
I ended the game on this turn, and I have to say it was a Orc win........... I felt during the early part of the game I thought the Orcs were not going to do well, but the gave as good as they got, but their HTH with the CC on all the units really helped. So the Orc really one this one by not allowing the Corps in their DZ. Now if I kept playing the Crops would have killed all the Orcs, but not have 50% to win the game.

Over all I had fun, I love the rules, but got confused by the heavy weapons for Inf (what good is it??). I also made a big mistake on the APC and made them light Veh, and they were taken out way to easily. All tanks should be heavy......

So the next round of this game, the Orcs will get reinforcements. 

Also I would like to play this with the Gruntz Rules, but I have to finish reading them, and creat the units.

USE ME questions I have?
1) What is a Inf Heavy weapon good for???? Only thing I can thing is range. Should have a 1" template VS inf.
1) Does a vehicle get a HTH attack.
3) Disembarking from a vehicle?

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