Friday, January 25, 2013

Solo Game tonight USE ME SciFi.

My wife and girl went in to the city to see a play, my boy as a wrestling meet in the am (in bed on time), so I have a night to my self.

I have two small armies I am going to put on a table tonight.

First problem. I my terrain for 15mm is no ware to be found....... I am afraid is got trashed at some point, and I forgot about it.

First fix. Foam cutter, and some white foam.

Second problem. My tan table cloth was eaten by mice.

Second fix. Diner table is light stained wood.

So I have a simple scenario for tonight. I call it Dry rock. It is a planet that was scouted for its minerals, only problem is most of the probes never made it back. The mining company is sending a force to take the planet. During the Drop two the the orbital transports get damaged, and are forced down far from the LZ. The hand full of squads must make it to the LZ, and link up. But there is a green beast sitting in wait for these troops.

I will have photos, and a AAR. But first me and the boy are going to Five Guys for burgers, fires (chips for you guys over the pond), and peanuts.

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