Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New miniatures, and a painted vehicle.

I was over come by the urge to buy some new miniatures this month. Seeing two posts on the net is what made my choice on just what miniatures I was going to get. The first post was from 15mm UK, and this one showed the new range of Star Vikings Space Dwarfs (Squats). I had to have them!!!!! Also in that range was some Orc like figures, so I had to get them as well. The next post was related to 15mm head swaps, and who had the best heads. GZG was the leader in that post so off to GZG web store, and I got some heads and other stuff. I ended up getting a pack of each of the mercs, to packs of trikes, and two packs of the tracked trikes. All in all GZG stuff does not need any write up from me the stuff is top notch.

As to the 15mm UK miniatures, I have some thing to say. The Dwarfs are fantastic...... The other guys are a bit lacking. The Wusuq guys heads are just ok. One guy the leader is great but the others have a grill in front that looks just crapy. I must be honest it looks like the others were rushed to finish, and if the heads were better I would have nothing but great things to say. So I am looking at head swaps for them.
Any way here are some photos.

As all way click to see a larger view of each photo. In the top you can see the heads, with the leader on the far left with a great head.

Next was a surprise for me. My brother is into models, and mostly like air plane, and ship models. This past fall he did not have any thing to work on so I gave him one of my Old Crow alien fighters to pint up. As he IS NOT a miniature painter he was not sure what to do. I told him to painted it how ever he wanted to. This past weekend he was over and brought it back, and to my surprise!

He did a fantastic job, and one color scheme I would not have thought of. So do I give him the rest of them to paint????
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