Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday A Busy Day for Me!

A co-worker asked me what I am doing this weekend, and I told him I am installing windows. As I am the IT support at work, he turned to me and asked if it was windows 8? That was a LOL moment. My day started at 5 with my F'n dog decided to bark out side my bed room door. So Now I am up what to to??? Oh yea base all of the minis I got over the last few weeks. Off to my coffee, maker to get a fresh cup, and go down to my painting desk. I pulled out all of the new minis I got and a pile of pennies, and got to work. Here is what I was able to get done. Two packs of GZG mercs, 4 trikes, 2 gun track trikes, three packs of 15mm UK Dwarfs, 2 packs of the new Orc types, and some odd few minis I had lying around.

OK now it was time for Window 2, I mean I need to install two new windows in my bed room. Let me just say this, my wife and I have been in this house for 12 years now and we never got around to out bed room. It was the same way it was the day we moved in, yuck!!!! So my wife can stand it no more. To get started I need to replace the window, and here is the work I have done today. First I removed the trim, and the wall paper around the windows.

Then pull the old ones out.

The I had to remove the storm window frame from the out side, but I can not use a ladder as it is like 10F out side and I will crack the siding. Oh and it was 20F in the room with the windows out.
Then I put in the new windows.

Now I used spray foam and will finish the trim tomorrow. I am reusing the trim, and the need to be sanded and the holes filled.

Time for dinner.

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