Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday a day of Tinkering!

I spent the day tinkering around, I needed to fix up the molding for my windows, and I wanted to do some minis as well. So I started to paint up the GZG trikes. In the back you can see my Orc Boyz on their bikes, looking for a fight.

Then I got the idea of working on some terrain, and want to copy others with the electrical box buildings. The only problem is I have no bitz to attach to them. So I was off to make me some building bitz.
First I needed a door, so I made a door, then a mold, then a copy of the door in the mold. I used plastic card and made the door in three layers. The door is in two parts, I did that to make it look more real!

Then I needed more bitz, and got to work on them. So I took a turret hatch put some screen in it and I have a vent. I also did the same for a shield. The last bit is a hatch cover, I am just going to use as is. I did not make molds of these yet, but will. I have one more hatch cover that I forgot to take a photo of.

So Next I got to work on a building. I placed the door on, a left over radar thingy, some card stock around for texture (yes it is crooked), a drinking straw for a vent pipe. You can not see in the photo but I put some screening over one of the wire inlets in the back. Also the light blue circle on top of the photo, is a water bottle cap. I put some putty in the center, then pressed screen in it for texture. I want to cut it out for another grid cover.

That is it for now.


PS, I filled the holes, sanded and primed my window molding too. They are ready to be re-installed on the windows.

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