Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekends Work.

This weekend started with a Snow storm, that left use with 10" of wet heavy snow. So what better time to hit the paint desk. I first worked on my Squats, then quickly move to the forward outpost building. I am also trying to get used to using a real camera, and some of the shots are just blah.

All miniatures are by.

  • Khurasan: Mid Tech troops.
  • 15mm UK: Space Pirates (Squats)
  • Orc: MJ miniatures
  • Praetorian Guard: Old Glory 15s
  • GZG: Trikes, and heads. 

First up here is the outpost. I am very happy with this, but I need to touch up the dry brushing  as it is a bit heavy in places. The Squats are blurry, sorry better photos of them  later in the post.

Next up are the GZG trikes. I painted these up last week, but finished the bases this weekend.

Here are my first two head swaps. I used GZG heads and they a tad big, but I think they worked great. Also a crewed weapon.

As dawn breaks over the outpost, with Khurasan troops.

The outpost maned by Praetorian Guard, on the look out for the green skins. 

Here the squats have found the green skins or the green skins found them. Better shot of the Squats.

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