Sunday, June 7, 2015

GorkaMorka Ridez!

OK in my last post I showed my Boyz, now here are the Ridez.

The Bikes. Kit bashed from ShockForce bikes (oop).

The Trakz

 Work in progress.

The Buggiez

 I had this snotling for 20 years and just had to mount it on this buggy.

 Here is my Orky idea of turbo heat the fuel before it goes in the engine. Still have mroe work to do on this before paint.

The Truckz

 This was a big project as I only had the main chassis and one tire. I won it on eBay in a grab bag of bitz, and boyz. I made a mold of the tires from another truck and cast them out of water putty. I had to make the back out of card stock and a HK launcher tube. Added more bitz from my 40K bitz box and I love it.

The Wagonz. These were a hand me down from an old friend who got out of the hobby. I have them very basic but plan to add more tom them. I have a wreck-a-ball for the green one.

 The party Ride.

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