Monday, June 15, 2015

MadDoc the mini

Well I won a GorkaMorka Pain boy (Bad Doc) from eBay this week. I was able to make an offer less then the other listed, some were as high as $50 for a painted one, and $35. for new in box. As I am going to open it, and paint it my self they did not enter my wish list. I made a good offet of $15. and the seller took the offer. With shipping it was a total of $18.50. That is a bit high for me as i like to buy supper cheap, but I needed a mini for my new Google Profile "MadDoc Gubbins".

Out of the package, here is the Doc

An overnight in the dip (paint remover) here he is.

Now I re-assembled him and tweaked him just a bit, and gave him a new GM base, with extra stability added.

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