Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Boyz a photo shoot from Gorkamorka!

Well I have been seeing some posts about GM lately with the new Mad Max movie out now. So I thought I would do a photo shoot of all my GM stuff.

Today I am starting with the Boyz of GM. As you will see these boyz are in all different forms of completeness. Some are fully painted, some are primed, some are started, and some have the last owners paint job. GorkaMorka is one of my all time loves when it comes to miniature war gaming, and I have been collecting from the day it came out. I am all ways on eBay looking for some GM boyz and bits. I have gotten some great deals from eBay over the years.

 Here is the bitz. I have 11 boyz still on the spru, and lots of bitz in my bitz box.

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