Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July Post!!

I spent some time cleaning the garage this weekend, and found some old minis and stuff. I did not find much in the way of 15mm stuff, but I did find some of my forgotten 28mm stuff. One thing I found was my Gorkamorka fort I picked up on ebay last year. I also picked up two buggies with the fort. I hope one day to play GM, even if I convert it to 15mm.

I also found a Grear Kreag walker I had. I will be adding this to my Praetorian guard. I know it is onl one walker but better to have one then not to use it.

I have also started to listed to one f my Fathers day gifts The Starter by Scott Sigler. Scott is a NY Time best selling author, who strated out pod casting his work for free on Podiobooks. I have been hooked on him for years, and my wife gave me is second book of the football seires he created. I loved the first one called the Rookie and I think you can find it in Itunes from free. So if you are a football fan, and a SciFi fan you will love these audio books. He also dose them in print.




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