Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dip or not to Dip!

Sorry for that lack of posts, I know I spoke of more posts in the fall, but that did not work out. My Son needed a coach for his first real season of soccer, and I stepped in to help him out. He is six, and is a sports nut (I on the other hand am not a sports nut). So here I am 6 games in with only one win, and that win my son scored 5 of the six goals for a 6 to 1 win. Then their is my Girl. She is in here second year of soccer, and I am supporting her as well, but not as a coach.

Ok now to the reall meat.

Over the last few months I have been thinking how am I ever going to finish my Praetorian Guard army, and how do I stop from painting my 15s like I paint my 28s. Well the first thing to come to mind is the Dip method. I am sure you have heard of the dip method of finishing off miniatures. Well if not it is a fast way to block paint you minis and then dip them in some stain plus sealer. This will fill the shaded areas and seal the mini. Now I went back and forth on what dip should I use. Should I go with the floor wax and ink, one or the Minwax, or the Army Painter dip. So I looked at the floor wax, and this was not so cheap and I would have to go to a few stores to get all the components. So this is not for me. Next was Minwax, ok what shade should I use????? I have no clue, as the one most talked about is not a US color. So I am not going to spend $12.00 to guess the color. Then the Army Painter one. This looks just right, right? No it is not I do not have $30.00 for a jar of sealer form my minis. Please remember I an cheap. I am sure AP dip is the one of the best out there I just do not have the $30.00 for it.

So What do I do??? I went through my house paint shelve and found what I think is it. Cabot Ploystain. This is a stain and a sealer, and it is water based. I picked it up to stain my son's bedroom door, and only used 1/4 of a quart. The color is dark oak, and looks right, but it is a bit thick. So I fill the quart back up with water, rolled the can a few time with out shaking it, and I dipped my first minis. I will post some photos later, as the minis are drying now but I am sold on the dip method for speed painting. I think the dark oak was a great shade to use for my minis, and it is a great arm work out. I have to shake the heck out of the minis to get the excess off. I think I can still thin out the can a bit more, and still have a great Dip.

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