Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dip VS Wash for minis!

I spent a good two hours painting this weekend and now want to show the difference between Dipped, and Washed minis. I have taken the advice of many and did not Dip these minis but brushed on my Dip. I tried to brush on the Dip to a vehicle and was not happy with this, I will really Dip my vehicles from now on. Also I found that as this is a gloss dip the camera dose not focus on the Dipped mini as well as the washed mini. You will see this in the photos below. The photos below are going to be one Washed, and One Dipped, mini side by side and the same type of mini. There is one by him self, and is the over all commander of my army.

From these two photos the Dipped on is on the left,and dose not look as dark over all. The one draw back is the dip covers the white of the belts and bags to much. I will touch the up quickly, before I dull coat them.

You can see the red of the uniform much brighter on the Dipped mini over the washed on. And the helmet is not as dark as well.

Here you can see the lack of focus on this guy, my leader. I think it is because of the gloss, so my next test will be to see what they look like after dull coat.

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