Monday, October 17, 2011

Dip Photos, and Thoughts.

Warning Warning this is a disclaimer based on my own experience with the Dip Method. ****** I have pulled my Bicep using the shake the Dip off method, as well I have launched two tanks across the room.******

Below are the photos of the Dipped miniatures I worked on this weekend.
First is the photos of block painted tanks.

Now here are the tanks Dipped, but all painted the same way. If you look at the left most tank you will see some of the launch damage. The turret, and main gun broke off, as well as a dent in the top of the tank. I will field it as battle damaged.

Here are the lead tanks, in their glory. The command tank on the right is a different color, more of a tan, then the others. You can see how the dip worked just as well on it.

Now for some of my fantasy dwarfs dipped.

Now these guy are just barely painted, and I would almost play them if not for their belts, and boots.

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