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Noel's Log 7-16-2012

Noel's Log for the week of 7-16-2012

Blog Reviews:
This week I wan to share three blog posts from my reading list. The first is from a fellow that likes Orcs in space just like me. Thorlongus has a blog called "The 15mm Plunge" and has posted a few photos of a great conversion he has completed. He took some fantasy Orcs, and put some AK47 on them and poof he ended up with some cool SciFi Orcs. Have a look.

Next Ken From Proxie Models has posted he created some 20mm round raised lip bases, that he is selling. I have been looking for just such for my single based 15mm troopers. You may know I have used buttons in the past, but would rather uses these. I have dropped Ken a line in hopes he will get back to me with more info.

Lastly here is a very cool Ork troop transporter. I will not build it in paper, but might give it a try. I was more going to take the idea, and build it out of plastic. This thing is like a WWII landing craft with Orky treads and guns. How cool is this????

Well I did not get a hole bunch done this weekend, as it was my weekend to work from home. Once a month I have to update all legacy computers at work. So I did work on some mounted Dwarfs, but did not take any photos. I also tried another cracked earth base, and failed. So I have set up a control strip and will try a bunch of different mixes and see if I can redo what I did the first time. Very sad, I was really hoping for a big wow out of this.

I did take some time yesterday to build some units for Fantasy Rules 3 in Universal Battle. This is a tool that will let you replace your minis, table, and other players and be any ware in the world with internet access. I have been a big fan of this software, but have a hard time explaining it to people. Picture your self playing your game. You have your army on the table in front of you, and your opponent has the same. Now lets take the minis and turn them into digital versions, lets do the same with the table, and the opponent is 100,000 miles away. Here is how you would play the same game with the same rules. This is a pay to play software. There is a free version that can be used, but you can not save any thing. I have found if you have one paid account and every thing is in that account Units and such, you can have people with free accounts join the game.

I think it is $14. for one year, and $29 life time. I started with the one year and went to the life time. Also there is a week, and month pass. Any way the $29. is a deal.

This example can be used to play ANY miniature game. You can use this for RRtK, Pride of Lions, For the Masses, HOtT, Mighty Armies From Rebel. Your imagination is the limit here. Just think if you could play your favorite game with some one across the country, or world. I bet you would play more. To make it better you just need a VOIP call service like Skype, or google talk.

Any way here are some of the units I built this weekend in the army creator.
First up are my Dwarfs. As you will see I was able to recreate just about every unit type I have in real lead.
Starting at the top Left:
Row1- Hand units, Flying maidens, Mounted , Battlewagon.
Row2- Hand units, Xbows, Mounted, same Battlewagon as above.
Row3- Hero, Shaman, General, Blista , Heavy Artillery.

Next are my Lizardmen.
Row1- Hand unit, Heavy mounted, Battlewagon, Large beast.
Row2- Pikes, Light mounted.
Row3- Flying cav, Small turtle battlewagon.

Lastly my knights.
Row1- Mounted, heavy mounted.
Row2- Hand units, Single Mounted chars.

Now I have more units to create and it is very simple to do so. I am also looking into creating a few simple videos on how to use this software for other game types. I have started but not sure how or if this will come to life. I have never really done videos, and editing. I have all the tools just not the know how.

So that is it for this week, and I hope you have a great one.

Please not I have shared the other content with out there permission. If this is an issue please contact me, and I will remove it at once.

May the die fall in your favor.


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