Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Noel's Log 7-23-2012

First I want to welcome a new author to the my blog, Welcome My self!!!
I will now be posting from two accounts. I have a large number of photos on my gmail account so I need to host the blog photos from another account. From now on I am using my second NoelVH account to host photos I am taking, and sharing of my minis.

Work Bench:
This weekend I spent time working on a gift for a friend of mine. This friend is leaving his current job for a new one, and I have been working with this geek for over three years now. I wanted to give him some thing, but I am not a person with lost of $$$, so I was thinking what can I give him. Now I was thinking of this while painting Saturday morning. Opened a storage area on my desk and found some 19/20mm Dwarfs I am not going to use, but are fantastic sculpts.

These Dwarfs are from Splintered Light games, and I got before knowing they were not 15mm. What a shame as these are great minis. So I set out to pant and base them as a desk topper. Some thing to keep the dork/geek in my friend at his new job.

I did not have the time to photo them correctly so please forgive.
So I took 4 of the base Dwarfs, and a Shaman. I think they came out great. I started work on the base, and the minis Saturday morning, and it took about 5 to 6 hours total. The base is layers of plastic card, with a magnetic bottom. I used old GW bases on the Dwarfs. I also got to try my new static grass flock out. I am having fun with that stuff.

OK so I worked on a gift for a friend, but I also finished up my mounted Saber tooth tigers.

I also worked on my cracked earth basing, but all my tests have failed. I did some research on this subject, and found another glue that creates the crackle effect. Hide glue, I guess this it the stuff from the old cartoons ware they sent the old horses off to. It is made from animal protein. Yuk!!!!! But I will try and pick some up this week, and have another go at it. No I did not get a chance to take any photos this week, but will make up for that later this week or my next log.

New Miniatures:
While working on this article I got a phone call from my son letting me know I got some minis in the mail. So I have stopped till I can check them out.

OK I have gotten my first minis from Trench 2114, and I will say I like them very much. I ordered two packs of the Panzer Troops over a month ago on a pre-order deal John posted. Let me say I have a hard time finding just what I want in 15mm. We all know I have no issue with Orcs and such, but for my SicFi troopers my mind is all way looing for what I loved in 28mm, and that was my Warzone collection. Now I was more or an Imp player than the Bahas player. But I had both armies. Well to get back to the 15mm Panzer Troops, John got them dead on for my taste in SciFi troopers.

I got 20 of them total and only opened on bag of 10. There are three poses in this bag. the mix is a bit off. There are three of the guy that look like leaders and I would rather see two of them. This way one bag would make two five man squads. With that said this is my ONLY complaint about these minis. Holding the minis in my hands they have a great feel to them, I see no flash and all most no mold lines. The mold lines I see are in the inner legs, and in areas you really do not see. So perp work will be next to nothing from me. The have good bases, not very thick so should mount very well. The one of the three stand 17.5mm to the eye, the other two are 16.5mm to the eye. They do not look out of sorts in any way to me. The arm, legs, body all look like the fit correctly. The have a high level of detail to them. The detail is heavy, and what I mean by this is it will not get lost in a coat of paint. Heavy in my mind means I can see it from a distance, after paint, and brings a great level or reality to the figure. (if I was a word smith this would be written better).

Over all some of the best 15mm SciFi I have ever owned, and I am looking for more of their stuff to make it to my mail box. John--- you hit a home run whit these miniatures!

Now for three crapy photos. Sorry I did not get a chance to take better photos.
Leader type.

May the Die Fall in Your Favor!

photo from Trench 2114 used with out permission, if this is not allowed please contact me directly for prompt removal noelvh AT gmail DOT com.

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