Monday, July 9, 2012

Noel's Log 7-9-12

Another summer weekend passes, and what a hot one for my area. I ended up doing yard work on Saturday, and got attacked my my weed whacker. The cord got pulled out, and when I went to put it back in the loop in the handle twisted up and was pushing on the trigger. So holding the whacker up right in my left hand with the head on the ground, and plugging it in with my right hand the whacker drove right up my leg.
Work Bench:
So that put me in the mood to finish my yard work. So I ended up in my hobby room working on the Dwarfs. This time I primed all the minis I had ready on bases and in my jig. Then I took on the Dwarf maidens. Now I tried to do gray horses as my daughter likes grays, but I have mixed feeling as to how they came out.

I also worked on my Dwarf Shaman, and tried to create a cool base. The mini is a mini, but I wanted a base to really set him off. What I was thinking is have him draw his power from the living rock. So I set out to create a base that would be like cracked earth with lava showing through. I did a test base but just as cracked earth not the lava, and it was a full 40x40 base. It turned out great. With the test done I did the same for a 20x20 base and it did not turn out as well as the test.

As you can see the cracks are not very big, and there are to few of them. I tried to help them by scratching the top layer in hopes the cracks would grow by they did not. So I am not going to give up on this I just have to try another approach. 

So this is what I did. I got this idea from a video I saw last week of a guy basing on a cracked earth and he use products to do this that cost money. Thanks to my late Aunt Judy, who told me to crackle paint use PVA glue. So I first base paint my base a dark color, next paint a layer of PVA glue over top (not thinned). After the PVA is dry, I mixed a bit of rock putty, and lighter color paint, and painted this on. I then put the base near heat, I used a lamp. few hours later it was cracked earth. 

What went wrong? I think the base was to small, and I also think I need a thicker coat of the rock putty, and paint. So I am going to try and do two bases both 40x40 scored to me 20x20 so if it works I can snap it done ow size. But I was also thinking of using the 40x40 but put the PVA down in a circle from edge to edge. This way it will look as if the power from the rock is controlled. So that is what I have planned for the week.

Here is another shot of the Shaman.
And yes I went back to the red beards as they show up better on the smaller scale Dwarfs.

Book Review:
We I am just about finished with the third book in the  Paksenarrion series from Elizabeth Moon. This is the lat boo in this three book series. I have ordered the first book from the next Paksenarrion series. I hope to start this second series this week.

************ Warning************
If you like Apple and there products please stop reading here.
************ Warning************

Tech Review A:
Well if you know me I have a second hobby, and that is computers, it is also how I make a living. I am a PC support for a Pharmaceutical, both desktop, and lab support. So when it comes to computers I love to tinker. I am also a Linux fan and user. Now I am not hard core techey I just love to play, and this past month  brought the next release of PinGuy OS. This is such a big deal to me that I have had to put the minis, and my Android tablet down for the last two weeks. I can go on about how it blow Windows, and Apple out of the water on so many levels, but I can not argue with the brain washing they do. If you would like to take you current Desktop/Laptop and make it safe, secure, and run free powerful programs give it a try. All you have to do is down load the iso file from HERE, burn it to a DVD then boot you system with the disk. Now it will not install unless you select it to , but it will load the full operating system to your ram memory. Once loaded this is what you will see.

This OS is so easy to use, my kids 8, and 9 have it on there laptops, as well as my 76 year old Dad runs it on his machines. 

Tech Review B:
Well my Daughter wanted a Ipud touch, and I would not let here as I hate Apple with there over priced products, and their My stuff is better than your stuff bull crap. So Best Buy had the Samsung Android 5 player on sale, so I let her get that. Boy she is happy. I got far more product for the money, then I would at Apple. I loaded my account on it and all my games, and content came down. This crap about Itunes is the only way to buy and manage music is bull crap. Amazon music, buy and download direct to device, Google play is the same buy and download direct to device. And the music on my pc Open any player software and hit send to device. So you see I hate apple, and this Android player is very good, I will get the smaller one when my Sandisk dies.

Well that is enough for this week, and I am sorry if I have offended any Apple people, but the shoe is on the other foot now. You put Android, and other products down I will do the same to you.

Oh one more thing Did Apple stop the Galaxy S III from coming out? I do not think so!

My the Die fall in your favor!

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