Monday, July 2, 2012

Noel's Log 7-2-12

Well it is July, and the 4th is just 2 days away. I had a good weekend, went fishing down the Jersey shore with My Dad, his wife, and my Kids. My girl caught her very first fish, and was not grossed out by the bate. She was batting her own hooks. Me and my boy got skunked. Spent Sunday in the sun, at our town beach, then grilled up dinner.

Work bench:
I have been working on my 15mm fantasy, and was in need of new basing material (plastic sheet) and I have all ways wanted to try out static grass. I got the plastic at my local hobby shop, but no static grass. I have flock and have been using it for years I just want to try something new with the tall grass look. So I have placed an order for three different colors today from the Warstore. So I hope to have it by next weekend.

I did not let my lack of flock stop me form getting some work done.

First up is the Dwarf King from Mirliton with a Dwarf knight. I still have to finish the bases.

Next is some cross bows from the Mirliton. Also need to finish the base.

Lastly here are two units I finished during the week, just need to flock the bases. These are Black Raven Foundry, from Old Glory 15s. The one on the left is a sword unit, and the right is an ax unit.

Next week I hope to get some work done on basing with the static grass, and I will try and do a how to on how I base my fantasy units. As a intro I basically use plastic card cut to 40 x 40mm then apply a magnetic backer. Next I mount the minis, followed by layer of Rock putty to create the ground. Paint the putty earth tone, follow with PVA glue then flock. I will follow the same but add in the static grass. In reading up on static grass I have seen a number of way of applying it, but I think I am going to try super glue, and dip the figure in the grass. I will start with blank bases and go from there. I will make the blanks this week, and report next week.

So if you have any tips, on static grass please email me, or share them in the comments. noelvh (AT) gmail [DOT] com. Any tip shared via email well be posted in my next log.

I also do not have any reviews for movies, but I am still reading the Elizabeth Moon books, and they are great.

As all ways may the die roll in your favor.


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