Monday, July 30, 2012

Noel's Log 7-30-12

First let me say that I am sorry for the layout, and template change. The template I was using got messed up, and I was not able to fix it. I spent about two hours Friday working on it, with out success. I have seen others with the same problem, and all solutions have not worked for me.

I hate Blogger!!!!!!!!.

Well this is it, I am not going to play with it any more, you can change the lay out in the upper left and see it how you would like it. Remember the comment section is at the bottom of each post.

On to the good stuff now

I spent time working on my stuff this weekend but just got distracted, by a new PC game. I did base my new Trench 2114 troopers on pennies. They are ready for putty, and prime. I was wrong in the count of them last week, there was an extra leader type, so I got a total of 21 miniatures. I also realized I ran out of primer last weekend.

This week I want to pick up some primer, Hide glue, and look at some ground cloth in a craft store I read about.

I was setting up my large light bucket(light box) in my garage to take some photos of my Dwarfs, and Lizardmen when my daughter asked if she could help. So we setup the bucket, and I let her arrange the miniatures in it. She needed a bet of help as she is a kidder like me, and I would find all sorts of stuff in the bucket next to the minis.

Here she is helping.

Here they are.

I have to go back and do some work on the lizardmen. I did not have many when I got them so I only put 4 to a base. I have now gotten a few more, and will add an extra figure to each 4 figure base.

PC Game:
Q: Well what PC game could take me away from miniatures?
A: Very few games could do this to me but one will all ways pull me away and that is Tribes. With new life in a game called Tribes Ascend!

Back in the day, 1998 there were some great FPS out there, but two of them were the masters. You had Half Life with its (Team Fortress mod), and you had Tribes. I was hooked on both but Tribes all ways won for me. I know over the many years HL, with its TF mod have reigned supreme, I loved the jet pack action of Tribes. I ran my own server for years, then Tribes II came out, and added a darker look and feel. I loved this as well. But I think this did not have the same following as the first one did. Next some half assed game Tribes revenge (sucked big time). 

Now I was poking around and found this game on a review site. Now I love the game play. but I do not like the pay for upgrades, or as some call it pay to win games. Now it is free to play, but advancements are very slow, and if you pick some this you do not like you are stuck with it.

Now playing if for some hours, I was able to rack up some kills with the basic weapons (two) you get to start. Now I like to play the defender, and base repair, so this is not a high kill class but I was getting 4 or five kill per round. 

So that makes me ask did they make this game easier to play or am I just playing like I did in the old days. I think that my skills did come in to play, but I also think the masters of old are not playing this game.

Will I keep playing, most likely no! The play for free games are only good for a while, then they get stupid, and people who do not pay die!!!!! 

May the Die Fall in Your Favor.

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