Sunday, April 24, 2016

4AD another game.

Well I spent the weekend playing another game of 4AD. This time I decided to use the party that completed the 4AD adventure from Ganesha Games Caves of the Kobold. I will say it was fun but not much of a challenge for the party. The party was made up of these Char.

  • Soegar (Warrior) Lv 4 Light Armor, +1 sword, shield, rope, bandage, potion of healing.
  • Ja'la (Cleric) Lv 4, Light Armor, mace, shield, ring of telaport, bandage, scroll protect.
  • Vinroc Sacktwo (Halvling)Lv 3, Sling, Light armor, +1 light sword, scroll protect, and fire ball
  • Briothes (wizard) Lv3, Short staff, wand of sleep (2), scroll bless, fire ball wand, scroll fire ball
  • Rikka (warrior) Lv2 Light armor, +1 sword, sling, +1 A goblins.
So I started my adventure and had fun, but nothing could really hurt my party. I fought two dragons, only taking a few wounds from them. I had so much loot from the past adventures I was easily able to dispatch all that can up on my party.

So with this in mind, I will not use a 5 char party any more. Rikka helped for the Kobold game but was over kill for this game. Leveling up is also easy, so I might say they have to roll over what their next level would be to get it. Lv 1 warrior need to roll a 2 to level up, and roll a 3 to level up again.

But in reality I am sure with deeper dungeons will come a more complex game that will handle these challenges. But this just means I have to start a new group of Chars for my next game. and I will build my party randomly again. By random I will roll them as they are in the book on a d8. What ever I get I will play. But no double chrs.  

Also as half the fun is making the map I have decided to complete the maps by rolling the paths I did not complete. So as you can see by the map below the shaded rooms I did not play but rolled to complete the path ways. To make the photo I used MicroSoft Lens (to take a picture of the map) from the App store, saved it to my gallery, edited it with google photos on my iPhone. Then linked it to this blog. MS lens is also in the google play store.

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