Saturday, April 9, 2016

My First 4AD game.

I am going to start by saying I suck at writting! 
So yesterdy I got the game printed it out in my normal booklet format. I sat down and read through most of it. Once I thought I had a handle on this game I sat down to make my first roster. I picked as my first player  Belock the Warrior (Light Armor, Sword, Shield),and bandage. Next I have Grum The Dwarf (Heavy Armor, 2 hand axe) lantern, rope, bandage. Next I have Swann the Cleric (Light Armor, shield, mace) lantern. And lastly a Wizard Misto (small staff) bandage x2, lantern. In hind sight I only needed one lantern.

Now on to the map. I rolled for the entrance and ended up with a 4. As the party entered this entrance they were all excited to start their new careers and get on with it. So they needed to pick the right passage, or the left. As I am right handed that is the one they went for. On a roll of D66 I got 33. This is a corridor with a door on the far north end and on on the west wall. As this did not fit I rotated the room to make it work. The door in now at the south connecting this to the entrance room. And the door is now on the east wall.

As the party enters the door to the passage they see the room is empty. OK now the party is pissed. Their first day on the job, and their first door come up empty. The Cleric decides to search the place, an is rewarded with a clue. So now with only one way to go ( door on the east wall) the move up to it and Belock just opens the door. And to his surprise standing in room 52 from the book is a Boss Mummy. OK Belock says lets get it on. First o fight is Belock and he scores a great hit for one wound on the Mummy boss. Next up is Grum with his mighty axe went for the legs of the Mummy and was supprized  with a great hit, taking the Mummy Boss down to 3 life points. Swann not wanting to be left out went for a bash attach, and also dropped the Mummy down another LP. Misto waved his hands in a great show, and his fire ball grew with every wave of his hands, he then dropped it, finishing his attack with a big old OOPS my bad.

The Mummy took it out on Misto the clumsy with two attacks, but only one landed.
Quickly the party took care of the Mummy boss, who passed his M roll to stay and fight. In the end the party got a potion of healing,and Belock went up a level.

Time for a break. Will pick up the game tomorrow.
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