Friday, April 15, 2016

4AD Game After Action Report Part 2

So A Warrior, Cleric, and Halfling crawl our of a Dungeon.......

Part 2
When we last left our adventures they had just mopped up after a battle with some Orcs. They were about to open the North door. 

Part 2: Soegar eager to keep moving opened the North door, and quickly he and the party moved through the door. To their surprise they went right into the lair of a small Dragon. Still on the adrenaline of the last battle Giron launched a Lighting bolt and struck for a wound. This was followed by two more wounds by Soegar, and Ja,la. The dragon reacted in kind with a deep breath causing all to take a wound. The next round of battle was less pain full for the Dragon as he only took one more wound. The Dragon took two big bites, but only hit Giron for another wound. This round was ended but a hit from Giron's little club rolling 6+3.

Mopping up and healing up as best they can the party took stock of the foul beast's hoard. The party ended up with a bunch of gold, and a wand of sleep. 

At this point I have forgotten just how many wounds the party took and who dealt them. I did track the wounds for each Char closely, I just did not note them in my game log I keep.

So the party is now ready to move on. With the only door they could use it to the North they took it. Soegar, cracked open the door, and let out a huge Aw Crap! There standing in front of the party was a Mummy. Ja'la turned and whacked him, saying why did I let you talk me into this stupid adventure bull crap? The party was able to defeat the Mummy in two rounds of fighting, and ended up with a wand of sleep. Now we are approaching the North door in this room, that leads to the corridor #10 from the map. In here the party was confronted by rats and lots of them 16 in total. In this battle Giron and his luck decided to have at the rats and laid out 11 in one blow. All covered in rat guts the party took the West door and battled  some vampire frogs. This time Soegar was luck with his roll and took out two of the 6 frogs in one swipe. Her is that part in a movie when the action speeds up show the adventures killing their way through the Dungeon. A few more rooms and they killed every thing till room #14, This is when a trap was sprung and a rock landed right on the little guy reducing him to one wound left. Ja'la user her last healing on him, and they now faced another door. Following Soegar, the when through the South door to meet the final boss, another Mummy. This was a crazy battle that ended up getting Giron killed, and then the remaining members had to kill Giron as he became a Mummy.

They took stock of the battle, prepped Giron for his passage to the after life (stripped the bastard of his stuff) and set him ablaze in the room. Grabbing the treasure, two magic weapons and a wand they made their way out of the deep dark crawling all the way home.

Till next time Giron........

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