Wednesday, April 13, 2016

4AD Game After Action Report

So A Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, and Halfling walk in to a Dungeon.......
Part 1
For this game I did a random party by rolling for each player. I did re-roll one roll as it would have given me two of the same class. I wanted this to be 4 different chr. So I ended up with my normal but for a Halfling.

  • Warrior- Soegar: Light Ar, shild, sword, and a bandage 
  • Cleric- Ja'la: Light Ar, Shild, and Mace, lantern (extra)
  • Wizard- Giron: Light hand weapon, Bandage (x2), rope. Fire ball (3), LB (2), Sleep (1)
  • Halfling- Vinroc Sacktwo: Sling, light hand weapon dagger, lantern
And off to the came entrance they went looking for all the goodies to make for a better life. When the party got to the entrance they had heard about from town locals it was a double door in the side of the mountain. Scratching their heads, that all agreed with the heck lets go for it. Soegar, grabbed the door and opened it. Moving into the large dark room they do not see any thing, but a passage on the West, and East wall at the back of the room. So off to the South they gooooo, bam they bump into 4 Orcs.
Soegar swings taking out one of the ugly folk, Ja'la being surprised missed, So as this was a corridor, the Wizard, and halfling had to sit this one out. The Orcs fought back but missed. Soegar was able to kill another, and Ja'la also landed a kill. With the remaining orc fleeing Vinroc was able to get a kill. Collecting a few GP the moved North into an empty corridor. Taking a their time they searched and found a clue. Giron said I did not come here for a few coins and incomplete info let keep going. Heading East, they found a temple and Vinroc was blessed (+1 ATK to Undead for one Kill). The only door in this corridor was at the North, they decided to take it. Opening the door to find 6 Orcs ready to kill. Soegar, and Ja'la being in the front were able to take the out, but each took a wound. They did find why the orcs were so tough they had 80GP with them, and Soegar leveled up.

Heading East again they found yet another empty corridor, and looking around yielded a Gem worth 40 gp. Giron, belted out this is why I am here, the rest of the party was agreeing with Giron and patting him on the back. Eager to keep going they went through the East door right into another 6 orcs. This fight was a bit tougher with all but Soegar taking wounds. Giron was poking the dead and found a Bless scroll to add to his wealth. This room had a North, and South door, and the party decided to take the North door.

Lets call the the half way point of the game, and this is a good stoping point for now. The game is moving very well, I have not picked up the rule book as much as my other games, I am learning the flow, and tables. and the encounters are getting quicker. So Now I can see me playing this a game in under an hour, but for the fact I love building the map. As you can see below, but this is not the best one I have done so far. My other were better maps, as I was also cooking diner while playing this game. I will post part two in the next day or so. If you have questions please comment.


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