Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Four Against Darkness or 4AD.......

I started to write a game report of this new game from Andrea owner of Ganesha Games, but I have to stop. This new release form Andrea is what I have been waiting for for over 25 years. About 25 years ago I was a big D&D fan, I leaved and breathed D&D. I did not get to be a player much, as I was a very good DM. I would spend days building my own adventures, and the maps to go with them. I even took drafting in school to help with my maps. I have moved away from RPG, as I got tired being the DM, and ended up in the Miniatures gaming. I love small, games with a few minis, and large games will tons of minis.

Now Andrea comes up with a solo RPG, that is fun, it also builds the maps for you. If I had this book 25 years ago it would have saved a ton of time I spent building all of the maps I drew. Fast forward to today, I can see this book in every DM's book bag. This it not only a game, but a very good tool. You can use it as is or use it to build the map and use charts, and tables from any RPG system to fill in the fluff.

Now back to the game play. I have completed the adventure I started to review. It went on for a long time, as I had some great die rolls. I also completed a second adventure, that was over much quicker as I ended up with a final boss on the 12 turn.

I have a new war band, and this one is completely random as I did not pick them but rolled them.
This one will have a Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, and a Halfling. I will post this one for sure.

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