Friday, April 22, 2016

4AD Caves of the Kobold Slave Masters Adventure, Review

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Last week I was asked to play test a new adventure for 4AD. I was not sure I would be able to devote time to this as weekends are very busy for me. But I was going to play 4AD any way Saturday, and Sunday morning so what the heck, I said yes.

A few minutes later the adventure was in my inbox. Now I was at work and I was trying to do my job, the whole time this file was sitting there waiting for me to read it. So at lunch time I took a bite of my sandwich and started reading. I got in a few pages and realized I have to stop reading, as I was not prof reading this,  I was to play this.

This adventure is broken up in to 3 chapters. The first chapter was a pre-built adventure with a map, and a story line, all I needed was a party. I used the party from my last write up, as I wanted to play not create a party. I read the opening section of chapter 1, and got my party ready to go. I am not going to spoil the chapter at all but to say this I lost my wizard. This looks like a very simple adventure, that turned out to be a challenge. 

After licking my wounds and hiring a new wizard, it was on to chapter 2. Now this chapter was more like the games from the the base rule book. You start with the map entrance table, and then roll for content, but now you will roll on tables created just for this adventure. This was very challenging as well. I started off with great rolls, but ended up 31 room deep before the final boss was encountered. This is not going to be the normal, as it comes down to your die rolls. So I ended up collecting enough life saving items along the way, but I was very close to loosing some of my party during this chapter.

Now on to Chapter 3. This is a solo rpg right? It should be simple right? Well I will say I am not going to say any more about chapter 3 other than it was a challenge for me to get through it. 

For the price point of $2.00 I am so happy with this. It did take me allot of time to get through this as it was on a weekend, and I have two kids in soccer, and a honey do list to complete. I had to sneak off from time to time to complete the adventures, with me finishing chapter 3 on Tuesday of this week. 

I have thought of way to re-play this adventure already, and I will share them when I do replay this with a new party.

To wrap this up, I loved this adventure, it was more that I thought a solo adventure could be just a week or so after the rules were released. I cant wait for the next one (I do not want to play test it, I want to play as a normal player).

Andrea, once more I want to say thank you for bringing RPG back in to my life. 
I have enjoyed the last few weeks reading all the reviews, and email that have been posted about 4AD, and will continue to look for these reviews and emails for along time.

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