Friday, July 22, 2011

Behemasaur, and My New Light Box!

With the Behemasaur, being so big and not getting good photos I needed a new light box. I sent exactly 1/2 of an hour last night and built one. From the images below you can see a big difference in the photo quality. I do still have to flock the ground, but the light box it self is complete. So what did I use? I had a bucket the same size as a 5gal as far as its diameter, but not as tall. I think it is a 3.5gal bucket. I then use white foam for the bottom, and back on the inside. I spray glued them down. I then put tin foil on the inside by the opening, as a reflector, the back drop is a photo from google image search printed on legal paper. And that is it. Once the ground is flocked it will look really good. Now I put the photos before the project cause they look great.

Ps these photos are only taken with my Balckberry Storm II 3.2 mp. Not to bad.

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