Monday, July 18, 2011

Cygnus III

This is some of the back story for my 172nd Royal Rifles aka The Praetorian Guard!

The battle fleet was in such disrepair, and  forced to make a quick jump. It was during this jump that they discovered that the nav-system suffered from damage, and dropped them far short of they intended system. They should have dropped out in there home and this was not it. It was the barren system of Cygnus III.

Cygnus III
A dust ball of a planet, with very little resources on the surface of the planet. The fleet made up of five broken down battle ships, sent in some probes. With the data back from the probes the fleet council meet to go over the data. There are resources here and plenty of them. We will just have to get to it. As it tuns out about a mile under the surface was a rich layer of minerals, and water. The fleet got the few engineers together and they came up with a plan. Send rocks (kinetic energy weapons) down on an angle to pre-drill a hole for us. They now needed to find the most likely spot for the hole. As most of the planet was just desert, there were some mountains regions ware the water was a bit closer to the surface, and had some type of vegetation. So it was set they would drill right in the middle of the southern mountains.

Five years later..........

This is now the home world for the 172nd, and one of the best arid training world ever settled. 172nd had bases all over the southern part of the world, as the north was way to harsh for human life. The 172nd, and remnants of other units that first settled here have created a new type of army, one that adapts to other units in the face of war. Made of a mixed unit, and army types this new 172nd has proven is self. They have been training new units for a three now, and most of them went right into combat with great success.


Orbital sensors have been knocked out. Orange ball made impact in the northern part of the mountain range, send out the scouts.

Report back from scouts.

Alpha alpha this is fox fox........ We have seen movement on the edge of the northern regions about 500k north of the mountain range. There is what appears to be a new mountain there in the open waste. Shit that was not there last year. Fox fox this is Alpha Alpha copy, and continue north......... Report back at first light tomorrow...... Fox fox roger report back at first light.........

Alpha alpha this is fox fox we are with in  5k of this mountain........ Fox fox this is alpha alpha copy that........ Alpha alpha this is fox fox we have confirmed sittings of green skins, I say again we have seen Orcs........ Alpha alpha copy that you have confirmed an Orc sitting....... Do you have any numbers???? Fox fox come in fox fox this is alpha alpha come in....... Alpha this is fox we have been spotted and are pulling back,,,,,,, shit shit what is that shit shit shit it's friggen huge!!!!! What the Frig is that thing......... Fox fox what is it you see repeat WHAT DO YOU SEE????????? Alpha frig this man.... it's it's part tank part lizard thing,,,, shit shit its running towards us shit shit shit!!!!!!!!!!!! Fox fox this is alpha alpha retreat retreat retreat........ Fox fox do you copy, repeat Do YOU COPY!!!!!!!

At this time all we know is the Orcs are here, and they have new weapons............

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