Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sneak peek! Orc BEHEMASAUR!

Try as I might I have not been able to finish this new Orc weapon. So I am going to post a sneak peek at it.
The photo is totally crap as it is to big to fit in my light booth. This also means I will be making a new bigger light box to take its photo.

This monster is an old Void miniature as seen below. I have converted it to be use by my 15mm Space Orcs. I have added fantasy trolls as the side gunners, and did not use the top section from the Void howdah. Instead I created a new tank try howdah using bits from a 28mm tank, and a WWII Polish armored car turret. Throw in a Orc in the top and bam one hell of a Orc weapon system. What's let to do? I would like to finish up on some detail, and add a few more bitz to finish it all off. Mostly is needs detailing done to it, and that is ware I will spend the most of my time on it.

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