Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review Time.

Well I have a few things to review and I thought I would do it in one post rather than more.


I had a hole review written up then scrapped it, as it makes the rules look really bad. So I am going to split it up.

The rules are well written (few typos, and errors), great lay out, and over all a great set of rules. I give the rule as they stand a 4.5 out of 5. We all knew this!!!!!

The PDF!! This is the only real issue with the rules. Try as I did it is not print friendly!! I have been buying PDF rules for years, and never had as many issues as I did printing these rules out. First run I printed as is, and took over an hour with the pages not fitting on the paper. The second, and third tires I had to scrap as the froze the printer before it even printed the first page. The 4 print was a heavily tweaked BW print that still took 45 minutes to print. The real problem is the spooling of the print job expanding the PDF to over 1.6gb of data. So I give the PDF a solid 2 out of 5.

I would not tell any one to pass on this great set of rules but, print it out with care, and no color. Sorry Robin I have to say what I feel.

Next review is on the Web Store called The Scene. I have been looking at them since they acquired the MJ miniatures a few years ago. I was hoping that my first order would have been some of those minis, but no I never got my order in. So In building my Praetorian army I was looking for some weapons. I decided to pick up some mortars, and heavy machine guns. While I was on the web page I also picked up 2 squads of  there
US Special Forces.

I placed the order on the 28th of June, and received them on the 13th of July. From the UK to the US in 15 days. I did not opt for special shipping. So they get an A+ for service. The weapons. They are a bit large for the standard 15mm miniature, but they were made for there Orc line. I will be using the Mortars for my guard army but not sure about the machine guns. I may just save the machine guns for the Orc I have. So I give the quality of these weapons a big 4.5 out of 5. They are big but they were mad to be for a bigger race. Now the Special forces. Love them......... Only issue is the bases are rough and flashy. I am still going to give them a 5 out of 5.

So over all I love the Gruntz rules, not so much the PDF file. Love The Scene for service, and products.

Pleas look for the minis to be up here soon.

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